Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Life Update 2020!

Hi Cute Bloggers,

How is everyone doing? I'm doing alright. I've took a long enough break and it's been a while since I was last on here. I hope all is well your way! 

I wanted to give an update about life. Life right now is very chaotic. While the corona virus is swarming the entire country, there have been an increase of positive counts to have this. There is a red zone for 21 states in America too! This leads to more deaths! Currently 150,000 have it as of July 2020 and more to get it as people are not taking precautions. Therefor, more to get it. There has been a mask mandate for some states while some aren't enforcing it. The mandate seems to be helping some what I believe. 

There aren't as much counts like there was but it's still swarming bad. I think there should've been a mask mandate as soon as the states reopened. It wouldn't have lead to this. I understand you can still get it even while wearing masks but it's more preventive than not wearing one. 

I know before the mask mandate started, I've seen an increase of the virus sky rocket with counts. That's why I think they should've immediately took the mask order into effect once opening the economy. I know my opinion is too late to be given but it is what it is and now it's more effective. So that's the good thing. You still have those people that aren't going to abide by the mandates. Those are the ones you have to worry about because even if it's mandatory, it's not enforced. The ones not abiding by it are the ones spreading it and killing others. It's sad that no one thinks of others but themselves because they don't realize that they're not effecting someone else. Someone else may have health issues and can't fight off the virus like a healthy person. 

All I'm asking is be respectful of others and care about others to be precautious. Wash your hands and wear gloves or masks. You're not only protecting yourself but everyone else too! 

Be thankful you are a healthy person and can fight off this virus whereas someone who can't has to suffer! THINK ABOUT THAT!

Let's get through this together and fight through this crazy time we're all in! Take care! 


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