Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Happy New Year!

Hi Cute Bloggers,

I hope everyone had a good Christmas & a Happy New Year! I had a good one too!

I'm here to inform all of you that I took some time off of my graphic page. Most of my time was dedicated into graphics. I was on the go with making constant graphics weekly. I just needed a break. I'm probably getting back into graphics after April and will begin in May. Some time after that.

I'm thinking about giving my site a new makeover. I'd like to change the title header and update a few others. I'll get around to that eventually but not right now as I'm taking a break. I still need to give my graphic page a makeover theme too. I'll do that once I get back into graphic making.

I'm still getting married in April. He doesn't like me talking about it on here but I'm going to anyways. It's not like the entire world reads my blog. I think the only people that reads my blog is my family. Who cares who sees it. Be proud to show your wife/spouse off.

I just wanted to get on here and ramble and give an update. I'll be back soon! Take care!


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