Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Vacation Story/Sewing Tutorials

Hi Cute Bloggers,

The previous article stated that I would give you all an update of the trip that I went on. I totally forgot and had gotten caught up doing other things. I'm sorry. I was on vacation for a week and was wrapped up doing other things. I plan on setting down once and for all to figure out what sewing tutorials I'll be deciding on.

First, before I continue about sewing tutorials, I'd like to talk about my trip. I had mentioned that I were going to Biltmore Estate. I went and it was okay. They had parts of the house blocked off so I felt like I was being ripped off for what I had paid for. Why block off parts of the house if you don't want us to tour the entire home? It was nice and I liked it. Other than that it was the only problem I had about it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take a tour of the home.

I loved the house I rented. It was a 4 bedroom home for 2 people. I decided to rent that due to saving money rather than paying close to $1,000 for 3 nights. All together for the house it was $367. Only 15 minutes away from town. It was very convenient. The house had a hot tub. That was a plus to relax after long days of running the roads exploring downtown Asheville.

I also went to Lake Lure outside of Asheville. Lake Lure is the location of where the movie, "Dirty Dancing" had been filmed. I had taken a boat tour ride on the Lake and lasted one hour long. There was a man who driven the boat and told us about the area. He talked about the movie and had showed us where parts of the movie had been filmed. As a matter of fact I recorded the entire ride. I also took pictures. One of my favorite pictures was "Baby" (Jennifer Gray) dancing down the stairs. I will show you all below this post. You will see the stairs she stood on. It's not the best quality photo. I took it the best I could as I had to zoom in just to get a close up photo to be able to see it. We weren't able to get right up close to it. Below is an attached photo of the stairs. Have a look!

I had a fun time in Asheville. You all should definitely visit Lake Lure. That was my favorite thing I had done while there. 

Lastly, I wanted to sit down and make time to figure out what kind of sewing tutorials I'd like to do. I was thinking of doing something simple for example: a key chain lanyard. I will figure that out once I decide to do a video. I'm hoping it'll let me upload to my blog. If not I may redirect you to youtube for the tutorials. We will see then. Stay tuned for them I promise. I will get to them soon! I'm talking real soon!

Have a great day! 


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