Tuesday, June 26, 2018

It's Now Summer!

Hi Cute Bloggers,

It's officially Summer season now and I am five days late on posting about it. I am so sorry about that. Work has me busy this summer. I'm trying to make more time so I can blog more. Better late than never.

How is the weather where you are at? Right now it's rainy here in Tennessee. I love when it's rainy in humid heat. It can be very humidly hot to where you can hardly breathe. Lots of others don't like the rain but the ground gets thirsty like your throat does (laughing)...Gotta have some rain from time to time. Just like a forest it needs rain for the plants, trees, and animals that live there.

Sorry I was ranting on how I dislike it when one says, "I hate when it rains." I absolutely understand your concern of the weather especially if vacationing. The weather is non controllable so they waste energy/time complaining about it rather than getting over it and moving on. No one can control the weather so why waste your time complaining about it? Some hate it and some like it. I am one that love when it rains. Without rain we don't have water. No water to bathe in, swim in, & drink. Without drinking water we wouldn't survive. So deal with it. Complaining gets you nowhere. Because in reality the weather is something we cannot change.

Okay so enough about the rant of rain. . . I am very busy in the summer months it's insane. Most of my time that I have are a few hours of time once I get home and of course my two days off a week. I believe that is all for today. Have a great day!


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