Sunday, August 28, 2016

Picture & Name Graphic

Hi Cute Bloggers,

This is an example picture graphic that I made and if you would like to request for one please follow instructions on how to get one made. To request this graphic please go to the link to the right that says "FB" that is the link that will direct you to "This Cute Blog" Facebook page and then you would message me with a Picture of you,  your First & middle name with your favorite color. If you don't tell me the color I will make it in pink as the default color as shown for how I made mine. Once you are on your way to messenger please request like this for example: May I please have the picture & name graphic? (Send your picture you want used) Name: Brittany, Middle name: Ashton Lynne, Favorite color: Pink. Please & Thank you! That is how I want you to request a free graphic made all by me! Request away & hope you love your graphic once it's made and when finished I will message you your graphic.


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